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  • Val T.

All-RTC girls tennis team: Miller is RTC player of year


Sports Editor, RTC

It seems like spring weather for girls tennis seems to alternate between bad and worse. This year, it seemed more worse than bad, and it didn’t seem like anybody got on the

Lydia Miller

court until the last week in April.

Having said that, girls tennis is beginning to rebound after a lost spring in 2020. The canceled season meant that many kids who might want to give the sport a try never got exposed to the sport.

There might not be a more overused phrase in high school sports than “rebuilding year,” but the events of 2020 meant that 2021 was a rebuilding year for everybody.

Our choice for RTC player of the year is Tippecanoe Valley No. 1 singles player Lydia Miller, a powerful, athletic junior.

What follows are our selections for the All-RTC girls tennis team. We would like to thank area coaches for sending us scores and giving us insights over the top players.

Having said that, these selections are ours and ours alone, and we take full responsibility for this list.


  • Lydia Miller (Valley) – Miller was the best singles player in our area. It’s doubtful another area player could take a set off her, much less a match. She was the most improved player on our area as well.

  • Kylie Houston (Rochester) – Houston adapted well to No. 1 singles as the season progressed and exhibited an all-court game.

  • Talia Holder (Valley) – Like Miller, Holder is a very promising junior who should continue to improve for coach Hunter Ackerman in 2023.


  • Lily Ault-Andie Schwenger (Valley) – Ault and Schwenger replaced a very good team in Mackenzie Costello and Kaitlin Neese and did admirably. They played with experience and poise.

  • Rily Holloway-Emily Hughes (Rochester) – Holloway’s strong serve and baseline game matched up well with Hughes’ net play.

Honorable mention singles

  • Ella McCarter (Rochester)

Honorable mention doubles

  • Brianna Feldman-Nataly Rodriguez (Valley)

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