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  • Val T.

Thomas wins 3 blue ribbons, helps Rochester win dual from Cavaliers


Sports Editor, RTC

Ava Thomas

Ava Thomas won the 200 freestyle and 100 backstroke and also teamed with Skyla Mitchell, Kylie Haselby and Seanna Gudas to win the 400 freestyle relay as the Rochester girls swimming team beat visiting Culver 93-51 at the Rochester Middle School pool Monday.

Other Rochester winners included Aubrey Miller in the 50 freestyle, Haselby in diving, Gudas in the 100 butterfly and Mitchell in the 100 freestyle.

No Culver swimmers participated in Thomas’ two individual event wins, and Haselby was unopposed in diving, but Miller and Mitchell had to beat Culver swimmers in the spring freestyle events, and Gudas had to beat a Culver swimmer in the butterfly.

Aubrey Miller

“Seanna and Payton (Moore) both had a good swim in the 100 fly, Aubrey (Miller) took off about 22 seconds in the 500, so she was pretty excited about that,” Rochester coach Stephanie Brown said.

Brown also praised Kaedra Shook, who was third in the 200 individual medley and second in the 100 breaststroke.

Mitchell’s 100 freestyle time of 1:17.20 was a personal best by four seconds. She nearly missed the start of the race, running to the blocks just in time.

She said she does a lot of box training to gain strength.

“I think a lot of it comes down to flip

Skyla Mitchell

turns and having power off the wall,” Mitchell said. “In the morning in weights, we do a lot of box jumps, which I think helps a lot. And during practice sometimes, we do drills to help.”

Rochester had gone 1-1 in a three-way dual against Logansport and Kokomo on Saturday, but this was the first time they won a two-way dual. Also, this was the first time they had won an individual event in which they did not run unopposed.

“It’s really exciting because we have a lot of new girls, so we have not won a lot of meets, but it’s exciting,” Mitchell said.

Culver’s team consisted of four swimmers: Maddy Beach, Arwen Kornblith, Hayden Lute and Kenzie Beach. Those four teamed up to win the two relays in which they entered, the 200 medley relay in 2:38.87 and the 200 freestyle relay in 2:19.15.

Lute, a sophomore who once attended Rochester schools and swam for the Rochester Royals, also won the 200 individual medley in 2:33.34 and the 500 freestyle in 6:12.70.

Also, Kornblith won the 100 breaststroke in 1:35.68.

Culver does not have a boys team, so Rochester had an intrasquad scrimmage in which the Gold team defeated the Black team 79-73.

Coaches divided up the 14 swimmers – seven on each team. Seniors on each side chose the lineup.

Members of the Gold included Wes Steininger, Reece Johnson, Peyton Brooks, Spencer Backus, Grant Bailey, Rabuor Tindi and Noah Riffle.

The Black team consisted of Jake Seuferer, Lane Shank, Tanner Reese, Brevin Nicholson, Seth Flenar, Elliot Miller and David Smith.

Reese won both the 200 freestyle in 2:06.13 and the 500 freestyle in 5:54.10. He acknowledges that Seuferer is faster than he is in the 500 freestyle but said he hopes to get his 500 freestyle time around 5:40 by the end of the season.

“I think that would be pretty achievable and make me competitive for conference,” Reese said.

He said he expects to swim the 200 freestyle and 100 butterfly by the end of the season.

Reese did not run cross-country this fall, but he did run and also spent time on the treadmill this fall in order to improve his cardio.

Reese was asked about the emphasis on cardio endurance versus the emphasis on strength.

“So I think a big part of it that people don’t understand when they come into swimming is off your walls, having a lot of breath, and that cardio really goes a long way,” Reese said. “And then, of course, if you look at someone like Jake, he has all that strength and everything, and that also really helps. It’s a good balance of both.”

Rochester will not swim again until a dual meet at Maconaquah on Jan. 4. This is when the heavy mileage portion of the season starts.

“We’re heading into Christmas break, so this is where we have two-a-days, lot of yardage coming up,” Brown said.

Brown was asked what she has told the team’s newcomers about what is coming up.

“I have not told them anything, but I’m sure the other kids on the team have warned them about what’s to come,” Brown said.

Girls results: Rochester 93, Culver 51

Scoring on 6-4-3-2-1 basis for individual events and 8-4-2 basis for relays

Winners plus all Rochester and Culver scorers

200 medley relay

1. Culver (Maddy Beach, Arwen Kornblith, Hayden Lute, Kenzie Beach) – 2:38.87, 2. Rochester (Kylie Haselby, Kaedra Shook, Skyla Mitchell, Seanna Gudas) – 2:54.22, 3. Rochester (Riley Vessels, Audrey Widman, Ava Thomas, Aubrey Miller) – 2:57.29

200 freestyle

1. Ava Thomas (RHS) – 2:51.60, 2. Payton Moore (RHS) – 3:09.94

200 individual medley

1. Hayden Lute (CUL) – 2:33.34, 2. Skyla Mitchell (RHS) – 3:29.35, 3. Kaedra Shook (RHS) – 3:44.46

50 freestyle

1. Aubrey Miller (RHS) – 33.50 seconds, 2. Maddy Beach (CUL) – 35.88, 3. Kenzie Beach (CUL) – 41.70


1. Kylie Haselby (RHS) – 134.86 points

100 butterfly

1. Seanna Gudas (RHS) – 1:48.71, 2. Payton Moore (RHS) – 1:49.16, 3. Maddy Beach (CUL) – 1:59.36

100 freestyle

1. Skyla Mitchell (RHS) – 1:17.20, 2. Audrey Widman (RHS) – 1:27.77, 3. Kenzie Beach (CUL) – 1:39.87

500 freestyle

1. Hayden Lute (CUL) – 6:12.70, 2. Arwen Kornblith (CUL) – 8:07.36, 3. Aubrey Miller (RHS) – 8:35.92, 4. Riley Vessels (RHS) – 9:34.58

200 freestyle relay

1. Culver (Arwen Kornblith, Kenzie Beach, Maddy Beach, Hayden Lute) – 2:19.15, 2. Rochester (Kylie Haselby, Payton Moore, Riley Vessels, Aubrey Miller) – 2:26.00

100 backstroke

1. Ava Thomas (RHS) – 1:42.59, 2. Audrey Widman (RHS) – 2:00.71

100 breaststroke

1. Arwen Kornblith (CUL) – 1:35.68, 2. Kaedra Shook (RHS) – 2:00.61, 3. Seanna Gudas (RHS) – 2:02.91

400 freestyle relay

1. Rochester (Ava Thomas, Skyla Mitchell, Kylie Haselby, Seanna Gudas) – 5:22.49, 2. Rochester (Payton Moore, Kaedra Shook, Riley Vessels, Audrey Widman) – 6:03.91

Boys results (Rochester intrasquad scrimmage): Gold 79, Black 73

Scoring on 6-4-3-2-1 basis for individual events and 8-4-2 basis for relays

200 medley relay

1. Gold (Spencer Backus, Wes Steininger, Reece Johnson, Peyton Brooks) – 1:59.35, 2. Black (Jake Seuferer, Lane Shank, Tanner Reese, Brevin Nicholson) – 2:00.44

200 freestyle

1. Tanner Reese (B) – 2:06.13, 2. Seth Flenar (B) – 2:36.39, 3. Grant Bailey (G) – 2:46.11, 4. Rabuor Tindi (G) – 3:25.52

200 individual medley

1. Jake Seuferer (B) – 2:10.37, 2. Wes Steininger (G) – 2:35.20

50 freestyle

1. Spencer Backus (G) – 25.08 seconds, 2. Lane Shank (B) – 25.33, 3. Noah Riffle (G) – 28.81, 4. David Smith (B) – 35.60


1. Peyton Brooks (G) – 175.40 points, 2. David Smith (B) – 93.00

100 butterfly

1. Jake Seuferer (B) – 58.86 seconds, 2. Wes Steininger (G) – 1:02.68

100 freestyle

1. Lane Shank (B) – 58.06 seconds, 2. Reece Johnson (G) – 59.94, 3. Grant Bailey (G) – 1:12.10, 4. Elliot Miller (B) – 1:30.06

500 freestyle

1. Tanner Reese (B) – 5:54.10, 2. Noah Riffle (G) – 6:55.32, 3. Brevin Nicholson (B) – 7:04.58

200 freestyle relay

1. Gold (Peyton Brooks, Grant Bailey, Noah Riffle, Rabuor Tindi) – 2:07.93, 2. Black (Brevin Nicholson, Elliot Miller, David Smith, Seth Flenar) – 2:22.07

100 backstroke

1. Jake Seuferer (B) – 1:02.10, 2. Spencer Backus (G) – 1:08.62, 3. Peyton Brooks (G) – 1:26.77, 4. Elliot Miller (B) – 2:11.58

100 breaststroke

1. Reece Johnson (G) – 1:22.59, 3. Seth Flenar (B) – 1:34.80, 3. Rabuor Tindi (G) – 1:41.17

400 freestyle relay

1. Gold (Spencer Backus, Noah Riffle, Reece Johnson, Wes Steininger) – 3:58.79, 2. Rochester (Tanner Reese, Seth Flenar, Brevin Nicholson, Jake Seuferer) – 4:09.91

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